Using your eReader

Are you sick of going to comic book stores and paying an unreasonable price just for one edition of your favorite comic book? Are you looking for an alternative for reading comic books? Do you have an eReader like iPad, NOOK, Kindle or any other device? This is the place where you’ll find all the comic books online.

With all the new Super hero movies we are all intrigued to know more about our favorite superhero. The only way to find out more about them is to read the comic books. Here you can find all the editions of marvel comics, DC comics, and many more comic publishers.

This site supports all eReaders and all formats.  It contains not only comic books but also it’s one of the largest libraries on the Internet for eBooks, bestsellers, novels, old classics, world literature, newspapers from around the world, as well as many games for your iPad, Kindle and NOOK.

All of this is available at one web site that you can join today for just small fee and have everything directly on your electronic reading device. With acquiring membership, lifetime or six months, you can browse through the library and have all the comics, eBooks, newspapers, bestsellers like Twilight, Harry Potter and many more. If your eReader doesn’t support the format of the eBook you want there is a format converter and you can convert the book into the supported format.


On my Kindle

Perhaps you don’t have an iPad book library at all, and you have an eReader or a Kindle.

Owning a Kindle, myself, I cannot express to you how much it’s saved me…what’s that…my kindle has saved me money?


I used to buy paperback books every week, I read to relax. Fictional stories mainly, and to relax prior to sleeping every night.

Spending upwards of one hundred dollars every month, just on books alone. Then my bookshelf in my study started to be so packed with paperbacks that I couldn’t see what lay behind the books at the front of the shelf.

Yep…here’s a picture to prove it!

One Christmas I received one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. It was thoughtful, because, der…I love to read and it was personal to me, cause my gift giver knew that I read to relax my mind.

So, how did the Kindle end up saving me money?

…well, I still read at least one book a week, but my Kindle and the Amazon book store downloads the contents of the book via the Kindle library, and they are literally less than half the full price of the paperback books that I’d be traveling to the store to purchase.

No travel costs, like petrol and wear and tear on my car = no time lost in between books that I want to read, especially if they are in a series, and half price or special deals at less than one dollar on Kindle Store, all add up to a saving! I’m thrilled.

You could be enjoying this saving yourself, if you owned a Kindle. We sell them on this site iPad Book Library, and we also sell them on our other sites that promote eReaders’.

Aren’t you glad you read this article?

Hope you’ve bought yourself a great deal for a loved one or yourself here too!

Oh and by the way, my favorite author is Nora Roberts, she has some of the most amazing books on offer, you will be sucked into them if you read any of them, especially her trilogies…wow! That woman can write!