How to Get Free iBooks Books

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Are you a proud owner of an apple ipad? Do you want to get free ibooks books to your iphone or ipad?

Then, you can go ahead and as I would reveal the site you need to visit to get them freely. Most people like the Apple iPad because of its ability to display eBooks and more in wonderful high-definition quality.

Unfortunately, are you aware that it costs a lot to get all these multimedia into your gadget?


Nonetheless, there is no need to worry about this anymore!

There is a new site called myPadMedia which allows iPad owners to download hundreds of eBooks, Comic Books and more directly to the iPad! With no limits, no delays, and no monthly bills!

person reading on the ereader

A journey into their free ibook downloads collections includes genres including fiction, non-fiction, crime, mystery, romance, and more!

In fact, the collections are from some of the best-selling novels which are selling hot in the stores!

Once you become a member, you will have access to hundreds of comic books which can be downloaded to the Apple iPad.

Great titles include Spider-man, Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and so on! In addition with ton of manga and anime as well!

You can as well download hundreds of worldwide newspapers each and every day with the touch of a button! There are also lots of other extra bonuses for your iPad which will definitely come in handy when using your device.

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All you need now is to register today at that site. Check them out for your free ibooks books today!

How can I get my Kindle Books onto my iPad?

If you’ve a massive collection of books on your Kindle Fire, it’s quite possible for you that you will expect those books on your iPad, but you don’t know how.

Don’t worry; it’s a common problem for many iPad users.

This article is written and published on the purpose to tell you about the ways.

We would like to ask you a question; have you downloaded the app for your iPad? If no, do it right away. If you want to know about the procedure, either you can read some internet articles or can make a call to kindle help.

After downloading the same, make your log in by putting the user name and password in it. Definitely a question arises here, which ID and password to use?

Well, you have to use the Amazon purchasing account, here. After making the log in onto the iPad, you will find the list of all the purchased books. Go to the bottom part of your screen to find out all the books of your store.

If you want to download the title of a book from your Amazon’s Cloud to your iPad’s Kindle library, you need to make a click on the cover. After downloading it successfully, you might be expecting to see the book. In that case, we suggest you to make a click on the device tab.

ereader example

However, the app on your iPad may not allow you to buy a book with that device, but why?

Well, Apple’s rules for developers and selling companies in its own app store require a purchase system to sell some digital goods.

The 30% deduction on in-app purchase cost is done because it wants to go for extra content in its own apps.

Dear friends, your iPad may not own a ‘buy’ button that can allow you for direct purchase, but there’s an alternate way to get it. What’s it except the kindle contact number?

Here we’re describing the entire method, below. Let’s follow the steps.

For that, you need to enter into your Safari browser first. Type in Safari address bar and make your log in into the Amazon account.

Now, you’ll have to move to the right side of your address bar. Make a click on the ‘share’ button. Create a bookmark for your device store by selecting the ‘add to home’ button.

Go for book shopping by using the ‘buy’ icon. Click on ‘read now’ after wards. After a direct purchase from Amazon’s website, you will be able to deliver it to your device, quite easily.

Go for ‘manage your content’ by visiting Select the book by entering your password. Make a click on the ‘deliver’ button. Kindle help number will work as a safeguard if you prefer to keep it nearby.

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Getting into your books onto your iPad isn’t a challenging job if you follow the steps carefully. For more assistance you can prefer other articles available on internet.

Nevertheless, the kindle contact number is easier option you could prefer.